Light & Truth


They exist.
They’re in all of us.
They’re not easy,
but using simple
emotional processing
TOOLS in the body
can make
a BIG difference!

We use S.T.A.R.T.®
Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety
Releasing Techniques.
These emotional processing tools
have been field-tested
over 20 years
of coaching women
in mind, body & spirit!


…from heartache being single   
> to living in hope & attracting love

…from suicidal thoughts 
 > to finding purpose & passion

…from grieving the death of a child   
>  to feeling comfort & connection

…from sadness for a ‘wayward’ teen 
> to feeling peace & acceptance

…from re-living trauma memories   
->   to feeling loved & spiritual connected

Troy & Celeste

We are REAL people,
which means...

we have suffered...


we found an easier way!

We continue to use
a daily,
to get THROUGH


Body-based tools for releasing have helped us get through major life lessons like:

Family dysfunctional patterns,
Empath & OCD / ADHD / HSP /
Highly Sensitive Person challenges,
Codependency & Perfectionism,
Unhealthy Need for Approval,
Anxiety (Panic Attacks & Insomnia),
Depression (wished to die/disappear)
Betrayal, Divorce / Custody issues,
 Post-Divorce Family Dynamics
2nd Marriage Issues,
Parenting / Step-Parenting,
Assisting an autistic child,
Another with a brain injury,
Another who presented as Gifted…
Financial Struggles,
Health Challenges
including all 4 kids with turns
admitted to the Children's Hospital,
Marriage woes esp. as self-employed,
Spiritual / Religious uncertainty, 
ongoing Boundary Work as Givers,
10 LONG YEARS of Infertility…
18 mo. in an infertility clinic’s care…
5 tries at fertility treatments,
then lost baby boy Jack before birth,
& the loss of our dream to raise him. 
6 more tries of treatments later,  
& finally, at Celeste’s age 38,
our baby girl was born!

Our challenges helped us
search out,
then certify,
different modalities.

We kept looking for
& PRACTICAL approaches
to release unwanted negative emotion,
stress, trauma & anxiety!

We found it!
A toolbox of body-based emotional
processing tools!

We are excited to share & empower you and your family with the same practical tools!

We found them!
And developed
easier "hacks" for coping with emotions, a “tool-belt" of techniques to process negative beliefs &It's called It's Called
..a place to begin:
Stress, Trauma,
& Anxiety
Releasing Techniques®

Our Emotion Coaching consists of
somatic body-based work for over 20 years as
Licensed Massage Therapists,
Reiki Masters,
Energy Workers,
Breathwork Coaches,
AND Integrative Psychology Seekers:
Master’s level Marriage & Family Therapy.

We empower
YOU in what
truly WORKS
to release &
rise above the suffering...

we are different!

Intro call
is free!

"Thanks to you guys, 
I got my confidence back
in the spiritual world.
You are miracle workers,
spot on with your intuition!
START techniques helped
my panic attacks."

--Charlie, SLC, UT

"I had bad anxiety about how my child would be treated differently.  Within 3 sessions with you, I learned how to let stuff go by myself, and to be without judgment.  I stress less now, and embrace the growth in my LGTBQ child and me."

--Sue, NY

"Troy & Celeste are grounded, safe people.  Their body-based work transforms you into a place of greater comfort, peace and wisdom.  Try START and watch what happens."

--Michelle Reedy, PhD, MFT, Holladay, UT


Is Coaching in alignment with my religion?

When your faith guides you, we encourage that in your healing. We coach you to find YOUR solutions for your Highest and Best as you define it. We trust your connection to your Higher Power / Source of spiritual guidance and intuition. You are welcome to bring your belief system into your coaching sessions if you’d like to utilize any divine aid in emotional release work (this may include the Divine / Spirit / Guides / Angels / higher aspects of self, etc.  We ask questions of you to search deeper and work to keep you feeling respected, valued, and empowered as the co-creator of your own healing. This is not advice-giving coaching. This is walk by-your-side, belief-in-you coaching: YOU ARE stronger and more powerful than your biggest fears, false beliefs, and negative emotions and memories of events!

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my sessions?

We work with you wherever you are, yet recommend a cozy blanket, handy glass of water & some tissues nearby if needed. We can work with you over the phone or zoom or FaceTime or FB Messenger or of course in person if St. George, Utah works for you! Come with an intention, your desire to work with a topic or two you wish you felt differently about. Our work is to join your intention, and guide you through your own body sensations and visualizations to create a new path forward -> your light and truth!

Is this Energy Work? Are you healers?

We use a variety of techniques to help you heal your emotional pain, and if you’d like, we can use energy work techniques. We ask your bodymind what is highest and best for your transformation, for your next breakthrough. Like you, we continue to follow our calling to help others. We seek all that is good, intuitive, gentle, honoring and transformative. We see ourselves as guides and coaches who encourage you. You’ll question unhelpful emotions or beliefs that are not moving you forward. You’ll seek and find greater light and truth, according to YOUR definitions, not ours. We make no special claims to do or be anything except to stand faithfully at your side while you dig deep through hard moments. We promise to empower, to teach, and to cheer you on while you do your work with your breath, your body, allowing in heaven to transform and transmute that energy into something else! You and heaven are the healers!

I've tried to forget the past; why bring it up again?

Very likely you are feeling the limitations (in body & emotions & beliefs) of internalizing negative events of the past. Unlike some psychotherapy or medical approaches, the releasing techniques we teach have been field-tested and proven time and again... These are gentle, non-invasive, natural, effective, core-addressing AND non-traumatic methods. So why stay stuck, or become numb or sort of comfortable with the discomfort that’s stuck inside of you? Why not give some loving attention to releasing the “yuck”? You may very well find that in its place is an opening for greater light, truth, love, and joy! Kids/teens especially love that we DON’T NEED to know any story or details about what negative emotions they may be carrying with them. The tools we’ve gathered work even without narrative / story… rather, the emotions are considered as real objects, release literally and authentically and, we have witnessed lasting results. Please seek medical assistance, talk therapy, or any other service providers you feel to. Celeste and Troy present an opportunity to help release the physical body-based evidence of any stress, trauma, and anxieties that WANT TO GO / are ready to release, and are in your “highest and best” to let go… which we have seen leaves lots of room for more yummy goodness we know you’re made up of, Light and Truth. We got you! Like our logo stands for, a hand holding a lotus flower: we are here as a supportive hand to uplift and nurture you through the process easier and faster than you would process on your own. This is our ultimate goal: to honor & support you in your PROGRESSION!

Any videos or further readings you recommend?

We have a list of resources we are happy to share – call or text us 435-278-0165! We have certifications acquired as coaches and practitioners and currently hold Utah Licenses in Massage Therapy. It is important to us to honor and give thanks and credit where it's due with the techniques we use. We love the saying: “There are many paths to climb Mt. Fuji.” As coaches, we know we are only one piece of the puzzle of your overall wellness. Please use wisdom in your path of healing. We all need many people and approaches in our lives. Seek medical and mental health professionals to assist when needed. We DO hope to be helpful, though, and in that light, are creating an online library of DIY Emotion Management Skills training for you and your family. Stay tuned! Videos coming soon! AND announcing… another round of our 8 week healing course! We’d LOVE to tell you all about the benefits you’d get… phone call to see if we’re a fit for you & you’re a fit for our TRIBE of Phoenix women who rise from the ashes.


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